Even though DOMAIN NAMES and BUSINESS NAMES are not included as modalities within industrial property, every company must consider them.

A DOMAIN NAME is an identifying and localising element for companies, products, services, individuals, etc. that operate on the Internet.

A BUSINESS NAME is a name that identifies a legal person within the business transactions as a legal relationship subject and, therefore, is subject to certain rights and obligations.

Sometimes, after protecting a trademark, we cannot obtain the domain name because it has already been taken, or we set up our own company and over time, when we want to protect the domain name and/or trademark, these already exist.

It is important to know that the different registration bodies are not coordinated with each other. Therefore, we recommend to protect these items at once in order to obtain the name we want at all levels.

This is why we offer comprehensive studies about an appropriate protection of your business, with researches about earlier registrations in the different bodies, and we can process the protection and subsequent maintenance of your domain name, and the obtainment of certificates at the Companies Register.