We have now gained a lot of experience - over 25 years!

We like being proactive. Our wide experience allows us to meet your needs. We do not want to be just another supplier; we want to be your legal consultants who troubleshoot problems and suggest solutions.

We are legal consultants specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property, and honesty is part of our work values. We know that the present economic situation requires austerity. We meet our customers' demands.

We apply the benefits provided by the new technologies to our work, but always respecting one of our most appreciated values: the human touch. We want to be close and work fast, effectively.

Efficiency. We work on this value very carefully. You will not find any luxuries in our office, but simply people with the desire to work and improve. We like challenges.

We are aware that continuing education is essential in order to meet legal and social changes. We work to help you protect your image, so we must be updated in relation to consumption habits.

If you wish to meet us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.